Evila (Upgraded)
Gender None, considered 'female'
Race Robot
Occupation Channel 5 Security Bot
Playable Yes
Debut Space Channel 5: Part 2
English voice actor(s) None
Japanese voice actor(s) None

Evila (Upgrade) is a Channel 5 security bot in the Space Channel 5 Part 2. It is an upgraded version of the robotic Ulala's antagonist, Evila. However, due to her upgrade, the robotic clone is now a friendly supporting character.

Four upgraded Evila float onto the scene in Report 4 as backup for Ulala when Shadow appears with the captured station chief, Space Michael. Evila Upgraded copies Ulala's moves perfectly, having been tweaked by Noize. He input a MICHAEL CHIP in the hardware so instead of being Ulala's opponent, Evila is now very friendly.

In-game ProfileEdit

"The latest version of the Channel 5 security bot. The MICHAEL CHIP that Noize added to the hardware, the recent version makes a wonderful friend & dependable dance partner."


  • With Blank, Evila is the second antagonist from the first game who became friendly in the sequel.
  • With Ulala and Pudding, Evila is a returning character with a different outfit. Her outfit in the second game resembles Ulala's Orange Retro costume from the first game, only Evila's has bright orange spots on it and the highlights of her clothes are bright blue and purple instead of red.
  • Evila does not have any lines in Part 2. Nor does she have her own set of dance moves; she copies the moves Ulala does instead.

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