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This is a list of the outfits Ulala used on the two games.


Part 1Edit

  • ​Old Retro Gear
  • Sexy Retro Gear
  • Gogo Gear
  • Final Retro Gear

Part 2Edit

  • Channel 5 Retro Gear
    • Available from start
    • Newly-suppied company reporting fatigues. Ultra elastic material for easy movements.
  • Flower Costume
    • Clear Report 2
    • Aromantic Multi-Functional Suit. Regulates body temperature & humidity for extra pleasant reporting at all time.
  • Gogo Gear (w/o helmet)
    • Clear Report 3
    • Designed to protect the human body from space dust at high speeds.
  • Gogo Gear (w/helmet)
    • ​Clear Report 4
    • Must have for any space-roaming citizen. The helmet can usually be stored in the back.
  • ​Spy Suit
    • ​Clear Report 5
    • Designed for infiltration. A special wire that attaches to the back & allows the wearer to move like a spider.
  • ​Old Retro Gear
    • Clear Report 6
    • ​The Suit Ulala used during the Moralian invasion. It was in her closet.
  • ​Old Retro Gear (Dirty)
    • ​Clear Report 6 in World 2.
    • Got thoroughly dirtied when Ulala was attacked. A collector's gem!
  • ​Super Ulala Costume
    • Clear Report 6
    • ​A super costume that is an amalgamation of dance energy. Rumored to be just underwear.
  • ​School Uniform
    • ​Clear 24 concecutive trials in Ulala's dance mode.
    • An altered version of a uniform from School M.
  • ​China Dress
    • ​​Clear 100 concecutive trials in Ulala's dance mode.
    • Used for the undercover investigation of the Shanghai Restaurant.
  • ​Coconut Ulala
    • ​​​Clear 53 concecutive trials in Ulala's dance mode.
    • Not really a suit--just a tan!
  • Stealth Suit
    • Over 3 hours of game time.
  • Camoflauge Costume
    • Clear Report 2 in 2-Players mode.
    • Used to infiltrate the evil Crimson Cosmos ginger processing plant.
  • Woolen Wear
    • Clear Report 1 with ratings of 100%.
    • Ulala wore this at a previous part-time job.
  • Peach Suit
    • ​​​Clear 53 concecutive trials in 2-Players Ulala's dance mode.
    • Ulala's personal wear for shoping dates.
  • Striped Suit
    • Clear Report 1 in 2-Players mode.
    • A sample recieved from the shop owner. Ulala made some improvements to it herself.

​Character CostumesEdit

  • Noize Costume
    • ​Clear Report 3
    • A Noize costume. It has a secret functuion that makes the wearer appear smaller.
  • ​Neo-Japanese Astronaunt
    • ​Save the Neo-Japanese Astronaunts.
    • Used when they sneaked into the tour.
  • ​Mr. Nervous Suit
    • ​Save Mr. Nervous
    • Slip into it when you want to be wimpy.
  • ​Space Primary School Suit
    • ​Save the Space Primary School Band Quartet during game play.
    • Used for the investigation of underground cramming school.
  • ​Rescue Squad Suit
    • ​Save the Space Rescue Squad during game play.
    • For when you want that manly feeling.
  • ​Granny Suit
    • ​Save the Space Granny during game play.
    • Used for the undercover infiltration into the Geriatric Bandits Hideout
  • ​Moralian Suit
    • ​Clear Report 6
    • Something will happen if you play Ulala's Dance Mode while wearing this suit.
  • ​Evila (upgrade) Suit
    • Clear Report 4 in World 2
    • This suit is in fact just body paint and color contacts.
  • Dancing Purge Suit
    • Clear Report 6 in World 2
    • A mysterious suit designed to confused to confuse enemies with little purple disco-mirrors.
  • Chef Suit
    • Save the Chef (green) during game play.
    • Used in the kitchen investigation.
  • Blank Suit
    • Former station chief's costume.
    • The Cheat command is printed inside the clothes.
  • Robot Suit (silver)
    • Clear 7 consecutive in Ulala's dance mode while wearing the Moralian suit.
  • Robot Suit (macho)
    • Clear 14 consecutive in Ulala's dance mode while wearing the Moralian suit.
  • ​Eighty-eight Man Suit
    • Clear Report 3 in World 2
    • Used to infiltrate Channel 88 to report on the scandal that occured there.
  • Peace Costume
    • Clear Report 2 in World 2
    • A President Peace costume used to create a decoy. Second hand goods.
  • Cloaked Purge Suit
    • Clear all 100 trials in Ulala's dance mode while wearing the Moralian suit.


  • Ulala Mic
    • Newly produced company mic. Ulala painted it blue with out even asking.
  • ​Crimson Rose
    • ​Present from Jaguar. Laced with Jaguar's passion, this rose will never die.
  • Lollipop
    • Present from the Band Students. A bit sticky. (Pre-licked)
  • Legendary Egg Beater
    • Present from the Chef (aqua). Made from metal extracted from some ancient ruins. Great for making homemade cream!
  • Folding Fan
    • Present ferom Class President Nervous. President Nervous' Mum's favorite fan. It creates a peasent scent when you wave it.
  • ​Green Onion
    • ​Present from Pine. All-natural and picked from an actual graden. Absolute ambrosia when cooked properly.
  • ​King of Frypans
    • ​Present from the Chef (green). Proves his victory in the 225th Annual Space Cook-off. Has a high heat conductivity radio.
  • ​Super Ladle
    • ​Present from the Chef (yellow). Cookware with a hardness of over 8 billion die. Only two others exist in the entire galaxy.
  • Big Mug
    • Present From the Rescue Squad. Perfect for Milky Way Ginger Ales. Inculdes a semi-natural cooling device.
  • Ice Cream Cone
    • Designed by Noize. Was first designed for the undercover investigation of the shopping mall (comes with hidden camera).
  • Lantern
    • Given by a Neo-Japanese Astronaut. A souvenir from Edo village in Sunlight City. An effective light made from natural rice paper.
  • Ear of Corn
    • Designed by Noize. Mic used in the undercover report on the mega farm. It was used to lower the guards of opponents.

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