News Flashes are breaking news-like information broadcasted during Ulala's Swingin' Report Show. Although it's not a TV show of its own, it gives useful advice to Channel 5 watchers (players), character information, or describes in-game situations. News Flashes are displayed onscreen with white font on a pink banner, often located on the upper part of the screen.

News Flashes are often introduced by a typical "ding" sound.

In Part 2, some of them only appear onscreen when the player hits the "A" button or "X" button at the right time.


  • Character description
    • Hypnotized hostages (ex: "Hypnotized Space Tourists" or "Rich people dancing silly")
    • Introducing new character (ex: "Channel 5 Reporter: Ulala (age 22)")
    • Bosses (ex: "Hypnotized Robot Invader "Coco★Tapioca")
  • Commands/Tips (ex: "Press the X button when you hear CHU" or "Memorize the robot's poses!")
  • Channel 5 informations (ex: "Tasty Cookin' (rerun) will not be broadcast today" or "Live Report through Emergency Circuit")
  • In-game events/Information/Location (ex: "Room temperature: 35C" or "Purge has stolen the space broadcasting system (antenna)")
  • Sponsors/Annoucement/Advertising (ex: "Brought to you by UGA" or "Keep the Earth beautiful")
  • Subtitles, in other languages.

A "News Flash Extra!" appears near the end of the first game, when Fuse, trapped in the Astrobeat, gets captured by Giant Evila, indicating the player to dance in the opposite direction. However, its purpose remains the same as a basic "News Flash".

Purge has his own version of a News Flash known as "The Purge Report". It's a lot similar to Ulala's, only it tells the status of the Ballistic Groove Gun. (ex: "The test firing of the wave was a success! The whole of Morodia dances for me!")

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