Pala Paya is a recurring song in the Space Channel 5 series. It was first the ending and credits song of Space Channel 5, called "Pala Paya... Lounge Musique" and composed by Naofumi Hataya.


"Pala Paya" is first heard during the ending credits of the first game, played just after "Mexican Flyer". As its name implies, "Pala Paya... Lounge Musique" is a lounge song, a quite calming tune, with some violins and piano, contrasting with the catchy "Mexican Flyer", making "Pala Paya" a quite unexpected but not unlikable song in the game.

Only few voices are heard, singing the main tune :

Pala dya

Officials TracksEdit

Here is the official and remixed song of Pala Paya in the game's OSTs.



  • Although the word "musique" in "Pala Paya... Lounge Musique" is written in French, its place in the title is incorrect is if was all written with the same language. In French, the correct title would be "Pala Paya... Musique Lounge". However, it is surely intentional.

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