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Project X Zone
Project X Zone boxart
Project X Zone Official Boxart


Banpresto, Monolith Soft


Namco Bandai Games

Release Date

JP October 11, 2012
NA June 25, 2013
EU July 5, 2013
AUS July 4, 2013


Tactical role-playing


Single player




Nintendo 3DS


Nintendo 3DS Game Card

Project X Zone is a game for the Nintendo 3DS. It was developed by Banpresto and Monolith Soft. It is a crossover game between Namco Bandai Games, Capcom and Sega, and features characters from various franchises teaming up as pairs to fight. It is the successor to the Japan-only PlayStation 2 game Namco x Capcom. A sequel, Project X Zone 2, was released in Japan in late 2015, and outside of Japan in 2016, featuring more Space Channel 5 content.

The Space Channel 5 series is introduced in Chapter 23: Ulala's Swingin' Report Show!. Ulala appears in the game as a Solo Unit, summoning other SEGA characters.

Morolians also appear in the game as enemies, and Coco Tapioca appears as well in the game as a boss character.

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