The Purge TV Show is a program hosted by 'Genius Purge' live from the stage arena at his Mystery Zone space station. By stealing the broadcasting antennas from the six known television broadcasting stations, thereby canceling them all, Purge is able to construct his Ballistic Groove Gun and make the hostages from around the galaxy, "the whole of Morodia", cheer for him in his pilot episode.

Unfortunately for Purge, Ulala and her companions show up to cancel his show in "Report 6: Purge's T.V. Special!". His days of bringing "trash TV" to the galaxy promptly end in a dazzling display of song and dance energy.


  • The Purge TV show seems to go by "Seasons" instead of actual "Reports". This is shown in the report selection for Extra Report 6 ("Purge's TV Special, Second Season!").

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