The Space Bird Mistress is a lovely woman taken hostage by the Rhythm Rogues in Space Channel 5 Part 2. She is revealed at Space Park's Fountain Square in Report 2 along with the Birdmen and Space Park Staff Workers. She is inside a man-eating plant and will most likely 'melt' if Ulala does not save her.

In-game ProfileEdit

"An ageless beauty with a lovely voice that has the power to control all types of birds. Due to the heavy remote-controlled Power Wings (58 kg) attached to her back, she always suffers from back pain."


  • In Extra Mode, she is known as the "Space Dog Trainer".
    • In one of the bonus tracks of the game, in a parody of the Ulala's Swingin' Report Show, Pudding meets a "Space Elephant Mistress".
  • The Space Bird Mistress can be considered as Amy Amania's successor from the first game, as both of them are ageless divas.
  • When the Space Bird Mistress is the only one who is not saved, Ulala, along with everyone else who walks, strut while struggling to keep the birds off of them.

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