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  • FabledArc

    Wow. Those miscellaneous pages are gone. So, just so you people don't have to go through a mess of strike throughs, here's a list of things still needed and on-going projects.

    • Space Channel 5 - Just a few others things to clear up. Extra Mode sectio…

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  • FabledArc

    ...and it seems that there isn't much left now. Pictures (like for some Ordinary Folk who still don't have one because a pic couldn't be found), trivia, spellchecks, and such are still appreciated. This wikia is back on it's feet and all that's left…

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  • DancingPurge

    Wonderful job on the Wiki everyone! This is great so far!

    So about the Featured Article/Media, I was wondering how long we should wait before changing it?

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