Space park logo

Space Park logo.

Space Park is a beautiful place full of flora in Space Channel Part 2. The entrance leads to a conveyor belt going up a corkscrew path, passing through an aquarium full of various life forms. Ulala is probably too busy to notice as she rescues the children who were there for the band festival on the day President Peace was kidnapped. From the end of the tour, visitors have a short walk to Fountain Square. Unless said visitors are about to melt inside dangerous plants, of course.

As it's name implies, the square is a lovely place with fountains everywhere. There is one main fountain with other lesser spouts of water spread out throughout the area. There are flowers and trees abundant in the plaza as well. Lights in the floors lead from the entrance to the exit, a set of semi-circle stairs that can light up in various colors. Although the guitar battle between Ulala and Pudding there is quite a sight to see too.

After going through the breath-taking sights, one can find him- or herself in the Greenhouse. It doubles as a domed enclosure for the battle between Ulala and Pon Piriri. Greenery hangs around on cradles around the room as well as from the columns full of water. Visitors are not advised to breathe in strange spores or confront a plant that attacks with seed bombs, throwing star-flowers, and vicious ivy.

All in all, a very pleasant place to visit when it's not under attack.

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