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What are you, the queen of the klutzes?
This is a warning for {{{reason}}}.
Please stop adding nonsense to the Space Channel 5 Wiki. Doing so is considered vandalism.
If you wish to do test edits, you are welcome to do so here.

— {{{1}}}


This Template is used to warn editors a second time for:

  • vandalizing pages and/or talk pages,
  • making disruptive edits,
  • not maintaining good faith towards other editors,

and are prone to being blocked. You may cut and paste the three main reasons above or just write a new one. This warning template should only be used by regular editors after reasonable notice has been given on the person's talk page. Staff members may use it at their discretion.

To use, type: {{subst:Warning2|reason="insert reason here"|~~~~}}

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