Tension Blasters are dance-related guns used by several characters during shooting sequences in the Space Channel 5 series.

With the help of the 'Chu' or the 'Hey' command, Tension Blasters can shoot enemies/obstacles or rescue hostages, respectively.

List of Space Guns and Their UsersEdit

Ulala's GunsEdit

Ulala is seen using two guns during Shooting Mode. They consist of a blue hair dryer-like gun, with an antenna shaped cannon and the Channel 5 logo on them. Ulala carries her guns by attaching them to her right leg, but only one of the two is ever seen there.

When fired, the Chu Beam emits a green ray. In the first game, the ray is composed of several aligned, green, triangular lights. However, in the sequel the beam is composed of one green blast. When the Hey Beam is fired, it shoots out pink hearts.

Jaguar's GunsEdit

Jaguar has white guns that shoot J-Shaped Lights.

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