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Ulala turn

Ulala's Turn Icon in Part 2

Turn Icons are on-screen icons that tells you whose turn it is when dancing or shooting in the Space Channel 5 series.

List of Turn IconsEdit

(Original game) - An orange silhouette that says 'Ulala'.
(Part 2) - A pink silhouette.
(Original game) - Dark blue Morolian figure that says 'Morolian'.
(Part 2) - Space Channel 5 Logo.
(Part 2 only) - Space Channel 5 Logo.
(Part 2 only) - Space Channel 5 Logo.
(Original game only) - Pirate Broadcasting Station Logo that said 'Jaguar'.
(Original game) - A light blue silhouette that said 'Pudding'.
(Part 2) - A dark blue silhouette holding a guitar.
(Part 2 only) - A police badge.
(Original game only) - A dark blue figure of his face that says 'Blank'.
(Part 2 only) - A purple silhouette of himself.
  • Morolians
(Original game only) - Dark blue Morolian figure that says 'Morolian'.
  • Rhythm Rogues/Rhythm Robots/Shadow
(Part 2 only) - A figure of a Silver Walker.


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